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Save Making A Cipher Wheel. Save Making A Book Safe. Save Writing Invisible Ink. With over 30 years of handcrafting and creative experience, the dream is that this information will make life a little easier for others whilst also doing a little towards protecting our planet. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Subscribe without commenting. Making A Periscope Save. Building a Homemade Telescope Save.

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  7. Making a Book Safe Save. You May Also Like. Comments Im interersting for more. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Hang out for a while and start learning how to make homemade things better and longer lasting than many store-bought items. Start Here Follow us on Pinterest Follow us on Facebook 4. Follow us on YouTube Followers. Cut out a phone-sized rectangle of cardboard, and draw on a screen and keypad with a marker. Whip up a batch of invisible ink. Squeeze some lemon juice into a baby food jar or other small sealable container, and put it in a small bag with a handful of cotton swabs.


    It will dry clear, but all the recipient will need to do in order to read it is heat it up by ironing it, holding it over a candle, or putting it in the oven for a short time at a low heat. If you are an adult making invisible ink with a child, be sure to emphasize to them that they need to ask a grownup for help with this part of the process. Be creative. Just about anything you need for a spy kit can be made with pipe cleaners and some cardboard. Spies are constantly incorporating new gadgets into their spy kits.

    Method Three of Three: Dressing the Part. Conceal your eyes. They can be real, or pretend ones made of pipe cleaners.

    How to Throw a Spy or Mystery Party for Kids

    Wear fake facial hair. This is a classic spy move. Color onto cotton balls with markers, and attach them to your face with double-sided tape. If you have long hair, bring it in front of your face and tie it at your chin, so that it covers your face like a beard. Wear a hat. Of course the classic spy hat is a trilby, the iconic narrow-brimmed felt hat worn by James Bond, but any hat with a brim will help cover your face.

    Dress for your mission. A trench coat is the standard spy uniform. Wear a communicator. If I don't have lemon juice or baking soda, what else can I use for invisible ink?

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