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User can send push commands to activate any feature from their control panel or they can activate those using SMS commands. Live Voice Recording This feature lets you listen to all the surrounding voices of the targeted phone. You can listen to the conversations made be the suspect with others. Analysis tools One new feature included in phone tracker is analysis tool that helps you create a report of your tracking in PDF, CSV or excel format. This feature is not available in any other tracking applications. Catch Cheating Spouse Due to free internet services, free social media use, low-cost cell phone and else, spouse cheating activities are increasing.

With the help of TheTrustSpy, you can easily catch a cheating spouse, and you can perform necessary steps against life partner. Parental Control Parents are conscious to know kids cell phone activities and prevent them from performing any cyber criminal activities. In that case, TheTrustSpy is best to monitor them. You can perform phone spy and know their cell phone activities.

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Download XySpy App. Many works are done with the Android Spy App. An individual can use this app and gain many benefits from it. This is developed for the significance of the ordinary people. Photos monitoring, multimedia files, and all the other control is in your hands after the downloading of XySpy. Terrorist activities can easily be caught, and the security in the border area and other regions are increased which is the greatest contribution of the Android spy app for the protection of the country and its citizens.

Detectives fetch the data just by sitting in their office or home. If the user downloads a new file, you will be notified by the MxSpy app.

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Gain access to call logs and record calls. We have developed the MxSpy app to enable you to view all the call details of the target phone. The app allows you to view the call logs, including the time and date a call was made or received.

You can also collect the details of the individual contacted at ease. In addition, you can record the calls made from the target phone and save them for later use.

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Monitor online activities. Our app is also designed to help you monitor all the internet activities on the target phone. Using MxSpy app, you can check bookmarks, view browsing history, and the date and time a specific website was visited.

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This feature is mostly beneficial to concerned parents who would like to monitor the internet activities of their teenagers. Our app will allow you to ensure that your child uses the internet appropriately. Monitor social accounts. We understand that social accounts can tell you a lot about an individual.

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Our app allows you to monitor what the target individual has been posting online and the comments he or she makes and receives. With the app, you have access to all the social account activities, including the conversation the individual makes with his or her social media contacts.

View the GPS location. You will be able to view the current location of the individual as well as the date and time of the locations he has visited. That is why we developed the spy app for android without target phone to enable you to spy on your child or employee without fear of being identified.

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